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Caves Australia

The Australian Speleological Federation publishes a quarterly journal called Caves Australia

Editorial contributions and articles are welcome and can be made via the editor, Alan Jackson  ca-editor.gif and contributor guidelines can be sought from the Production Manager, Alan Jackson

Change of Address  - please ask your club to update the ASF membership database so that you receive your copy. Australia Post returns from out of date addresses cost the ASF and this will result in your removal from the mailing list.

If you wish to advertise in the journal contact the Production Manager. Rates range from $5 to $400 for full page mono back cover.

The Digitised ASF Newsletters, Australian Caver and Caves Australia

The ASF Newsletters were first published in June 1957 as a way to get information about ASF activities out to members. They eventually evolved into the the Austrailan Caver in 1985.Then in 2004 the publication was renamed Caves Australia.
The ASF Newsletters, Australian Caver and Caves Australia collection is now available in a searchable digital format.

All editions are freely available except the current edition which requires a password for access. This is provided to members when a new edition is publish. The copies are available on the Caves Australia web page.

caves australia image

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