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ASF Karst Conservation Fund

ASF Inc. is a registered Environmental Organisation recognised by the Department of Environment and Energy and is entitled under the Income Tax and assessment Act 1997 to receive tax deductible donations. ASF's Karst Conservation Fund receives tax-deductible donations to provide financial support for projects relating to ASF's conservation and environmental objectives.

These projects focus on caves and karst and their better management and protection.

Directors of the Fund are:

  • Maria Comino LLB (Sydney)
  • Anthony Culberg OAM, B.Com, DipEd TTC Accountant (Hobart)
  • Kevin Kiernan PhD (Hobart), retired
  • Philip Maynard PhD (Sydney) Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, UTS
  • Nicholas White BSc (Melbourne), MA (Monash), retired
  • Grace Matts, ESM, Grad Dip Admin, M StJ, JP, retired
  • Robert Kershaw, B.A. (Sydney) Grad. Dip Ed (STC), Grad Dip Adult Education and Training (Wollongong), retired


Karst Conservation Fund Commission

The ASF has a Commission to provide the Directors with advice on projects and to manage matters such as fund raising and reporting. The current members are:

  • Nicholas White, Chair (ASF Conservation Commission)
  • Philip Maynard PhD (Fund)
  • Grace Matts, ESM (ASF Executive)
  • Yoav Bar-Ness (Fund)

What projects are supported?

  • Small-scale, local projects aimed at cleaning and restoring caves, reducing the impact of cave users, rehabilitating cave and karst environments etc.
  • Projects relating to karst research and environmental education.
  • Cave and karst conservation campaigns focused on specific issues
  • Management of karst lands and caves.
  • Publishing projects which further the objectives of ASF Inc.

To apply download the 

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