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ASF Office Bearers

For general enquiries please email  info.gif

Office bearers are invited to email the webmaster to arrange the addition or updating of information about their portfolio on the website.

Updated 16/8/2018



President John Cugley  president.gif
Senior Vice-President

Graham Pilkington  seniorvp.gif

Treasurer Grace Matts  treasurer.gif
General Secretary Robert Kershaw gen-sec.gif
Executive Secretary Phil Maynard  exec-sec.gif
Membership Secretary Colin Tyrrell  membershipsec.gif
Vice Presidents


Deb Hunter
Jim Crockett

Sarah Gilbert

Non-Executive Vice President


Daniel Burt

Steve Milner (Strategic Planning)




Awards Miles Pierce  awards.gif
Cave Diving


Tim Payne 
Peter Kraehenbuehl 

Cave Numbering Peter Dykes  cknc.gif
Codes and Guidelines Cathy Brown  codes.gif
Conservation National Convenor Nicholas White  conservation.gif
New South Wales  conservation.gif
Queensland  conservation.gif
Tasmania Nicholas White  conservation.gif
Victoria Nicholas White  conservation.gif
Western Australia Jay Anderson Rob Susac  conservation.gif
Grants Ric Tunney  grants.gif
Helictite Susan White  helictite.gif
Insurance (Contact) Phil Maynard  insurance.gif
International Relations Tim Moulds  international.gif
Karst Conservation Fund Commission Nicholas White  kcf.gif
Library Cathy Brown  library.gif
Australian Cave Rescue Commission  

Convenor: Brian Evans  acrc1.gif
Co-convenor: Ian Collette

Commission Email:  acrc.gif

Safety Leadership and Risk Management

Convenor: Darren Brooks  safety.gif

Publications Chair Susan White  publications.gif
Caves Australia Editor Alan Jackson  editor.gif
Caves Australia Production Alan Jackson  editor.gif
Publications Sales Cath Hemley sales.gif
ESpeleo Ian Binnie
Website Colin Tyrrell webmaster.gif
ASF Conference - Tas 2018/19 Jessica Bayles  asf-con.gif




Karst Index Software Mike Lake  kid.gif



Public Officer Carol Anderson  po.gif
Survey & Mapping Standards Al Warild  survey.gif
UIS Bibliography Contact Greg Middleton

State Speleo Councils

New South Wales NSWSC Colin Tyrrell [email protected]
South Australia SASC Matt Smith [email protected]
Tasmania TSC Deb Hunter [email protected]
Western Australia SCoWA

State Karst Index Coordinators

ACT and New South Wales Peter Dykes  cknc.gif
Northern Territory Peter Dykes  cknc.gif
Queensland Mick Godwin  mdj.gif
South Australia Graham Pilkington  pilko.gif
Tasmania Greg Middleton  gregm.gif
 Victoria Peter Dykes  cknc.gif
Western Australia Rauleigh Webb  rwebb.gif

Special Interest Groups

Cave Diving Group  
Judbarra-Gregory Karst Group Mark Sefton  jgsig.gif
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