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Cave Safety, Leadership & Risk Management (SLARM)

Cave Safety, Leadership & Risk Management (SLARM) maintains a register of all cave accidents and compiles summaries of these for publication in the Federation Journal.

SLARM investigates and reports on all aspects of cave safety, including monitoring the adequacy of the Cave Safety Guidelines (April 2010) and reviews tests on equipment and report the findings thereon to members.

This Commission assists in the development and promotes an awareness of national standards for caving leadership where they exist and represents the Federation on appropriate industry representative bodies.

Leadership structures and risk management for caving trips are managed and administered by the ASF member clubs.

For reporting any cave accidents or incidents (a situation where an accident nearly occurred  in a cave) the ASF Cave Accident/Incident Form is available here . You can download a  

 which can be filled out and emailed to SLARM Commissioner at and the ACRC Convener at  or download the PDF version:   and post it to:

Australian Speleological Federation Inc.
PO BOX 388


 can be downloaded here


can be downloaded here


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