Cave and Karst Numbering CKNC

At a national and state level the Commission administers the ASF Cave and Karst Numbering Code. The Commissioner assists each State Cave and Karst Numbering Coordinator to prepare a set of numbering procedures operating in their state or territory and liaises with the Convenor of the Karst Index Database Management Commission with regard to updating and maintaining of the Karst Index Database.

With the assistance of each State Cave and Karst Numbering Coordinator, the CKNC facilitates the orderly updating of information on the Karst Index Database and provides a forum for discussion between the State Cave and Karst Numbering Coordinators and any other interested members of ASF on matters regarding cave and karst numbering.

You can contact the convener, Peter Dykes at  asfinfo.gif

More information can be found in the following documents.

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